The Artists

Jeff Gorski is an aspiring filmmaker and a photographer by trade, his keen eye for detail and passion for all things pop culture guides his aesthetic. He specializes in dolls, canvas and stencil work that inventively – and often humorously – re-imagines some of horror history’s most infamous killers, legendary movie monsters and other beloved characters.

Jeff Bittner: “I. Create. Everything.”


Peter de Mets composed the music for HOUSE ARREST/WATERGATE THE MUSICAL which premiered this past summer during the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  His choral fanfare, ONE WORLD ONE DREAM, was premiered in Beijing, China as a part of the celebrations anticipating the 2008 Summer Olympics.  Peter’s music has also been performed in the National Cathedral, the National Basilica, and the White House.  More information about Peter and his compositions can be found at

Stacy Davidowitz’s children’s musical, Hank & Gretchen: A Modern Re-telling of Hansel & Gretel; or Because Candy is That Good, will be produced in NY in the spring of 2011.


Anton Dudley‘s work is published by Vintage, Heinemann, Meriwether, and Playscripts Inc; he teaches at Adelphi University and is a member of MCC Theater’s Playwrights Coalition and NYTW’s Usual Suspects.

Akia (Director/Choreographer) is an active member of the flourishing Off-Off/Indie & Off Broadway theatre communities having produced, directed, and performed with numerous NYC companies since 1997. Akia is the Company Manager for the international sensation, The Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theater. Proudly, she is the Founding Artistic Director of the Rising Sun Performance Company, now in entering its tenth season, and has been involved on all levels with each of its 35+ productions. She was the recipient of the 2009 New York Innovative Theatre Awards “Founders Award” for her contributions to the organization and the Off-Off Broadway Community.

Full Credits:

Exquisite Corpse Logo Designed by Luisa Aleman, Jacob Brown, and J Bittner Design.

Plays written by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman, The Unsaddest Factory, Jonathan Lynch, Stact Davidowitz, Eric Samuelsen, Striking Viking Story Pirates, John Patrick Bray, Anton Dudley, Matthew Gryzbowski, Alexandra Collier, Shalini Tripathi, and Sara J. Asselin.

Songs by Miss FD, Frank Molina, Haircut 1234, Tin Pan, The Big Takeover, The Nodd, Frank, Three Pints Shy, Waundell Saavedra, and Peter de Mets.

Munny by Misty Benson, David Foox, and Jeff Gorski.

Film by Jody Christopherson, Michael Niederman, Cara Liander,, Nightwing Escalation, Liam Harrison, Boris Khaykin, Patrick Meaney, and Lex Powell.

Sculpture by Seth Apter and John Borrero.

Printmaking by Amy Garbella, Gabe 1Aeon, and David D’Ostilio.


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