The Exquisite Corpse Festival or the Chris O’Neil Show?

“Vos Orielles” by J.P.B., Anton Dudley and Matthew Grzybowski/costumed by Kim Young

starring Kathleen Hope Reilly, Jonathan Gabrielson, Chris O’Neil, and Jennifer Jill White

A very sweet story in which a couple’s love is refined…but will it become caramelized?

“Plus ca Change” by Stacy Davidowitz, Eric Samuelsen, Jamie King/costumes Annie Arthur

Just what is Dawson hiding from Joey…or is Joey hiding something from Dawson?

“Au Revoir” by Alexandra Collier, Shalini Tripathi, and Sara Farrington/costumed by JTZ

A man finds out that he is leaking, can talk to pigeons, and meets his birth father!

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See Me Tell Me joins the exquisite corpse festival!

Information on See Me Tell Me: Inspired by the social connectivity of the street art movement, social media, and a desire to free art from its function as commodity, the artist seemetellme has placed hundreds of tiny works in the streets and subways of New York, London, and Paris. The complete record of these works and the comments of those who collect them are noted at For the Exquisite Corpse Festival she is placing 30 See Me Tell Me Shifts along 26th street. These tiny dresses are fashioned after light summer frocks and decorated with graffiti seen in London, Paris, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Chelsea and SoHo this spring and summer.

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The “Ideal Museum”, Part 1

Welcome to the opening of our “Ideal Museum,” an online homage to the surrealists’ collection of art works they admired!

Who would be more apropos to feature than the inimitable surrealist idol, Hieronymous Bosch and “The Garden of Earthly Delights, ” c.1500?

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Exquisite Corspe NYC Tickets

Checking my blog stats, I realized that yesterday someone Googled “esquisite corspe nyc” [sic] tickets, so perhaps it’s time to get ticket info online!  Until the end of the month we are encouraging people to buy tickets through Kickstarter:

If we can get 208 people to donate $10 and reserve a ticket (you can pick the date you want to see the show later)  we can pay rent to our theater and start making the festival even more exquisite!

If we can get 84 people to donate $25 and reserve a two-pack of tickets, we will get there quicker (and you can bring a friend to the show).  If you want to come see the show, please reserve tickets now!


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Would you rather see a 15-minute play written by three different playwrights or…

Casting is finished! So we can finally announce the play line-up! Three of the plays are 15-minute plays each written by three playwrights:

Heartspace” by Alexandra Collier, Shalini Tripathi, and Sara Farrington
Roseanne Barr with a Toothache” by JPB, A. Dudley, and M. Grzybowski
My First” by Stacy Davidowitz, Jamie King, and Eric Samuelsen

And then we thought…let’s break from the three-artists-working-on-one-piece of work.  The festival is all about pushing the game to it’s limits, right?  It’s also taking the intellect out of the equation and letting pure, animal instinct take over.  So I let my cats write a play.

I took all of the plays that have been submitted to me since I moved to New York and spread them out across my living room floor.  Then I took the fifteen plays that my cats were attracted to and compiled them into one three-minute play…nay, one three-minute musical, for one of the pages is from an opera!  The play will be accredited to my cats unless one of the playwrights shows up, identifies his or her play, and claims credit for it!

If you’re a playwright, come and check out this show to see if my cats were attracted to your play!

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News, Nominations, and Performances! Oh My!

There is so much exciting news in the world of ECF!

One of our choreographers has been nominated for 2 New York Innovative Theater Awards for her production of Circus of Circus that she directed at the House of Yes!

She is nominated for Outstanding Director of a Play and Outstanding Choreography/Movement.

The IT Awards Ceremony will be held September 19th, so keep  your fingers crossed for her!!!

You don’t have to wait until October to see her work, you can also see her directing, choreographing, and co-costume designing a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of the second annual New Brunswick Theater Festival performing September 2nd through the 10th. Details!

Also in September, is the Rachel Klein Theater Ensemble performing 2 dance pieces at the Oh! You Pretty Things Party: The Show Must Go On, A Musical Tribute to Queen, at (le) Poisson Rouge on Sunday, September 4th. (also her birthday party!)

And on-going is our fund raising campaign for our production of the first ever Exquisite Corpse Performing Arts Festival performing a full run at Richmond Shepard’s this October!

Thank you all so much for your continuing love and support!

The Exquisite Corps

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Be the First to Give to the Kickstarter Campaign and Double Your Reward Gift…

Okay, to get the ball rolling on our kick-starter campaign…we’re offering this special incentive:

The first person to donate any amount to the cause gets either:

an instant upgrade to the next reward level:
  • donate $1 and get a ticket to the festival
  • donate $10 and get two tickets and a CD
  • donate $25 and get a CD & tee-shirt
  • donate $50 and get a a print from our last show
  • donate $100 and get a large-format drawing
  • donate $1,000 and get the festival named after you!


a double rewards at the level:
  • donate $10 and get two tickets to the festival
  • donate $25 and get four tickets and a double-CD set
  • donate $50 and get a double-CD set & 2 tee-shirts
  • donate $100 and get two prints from our last show
  • donate $500 and get two large-format drawings
  • donate $3,000 and get the next two festivals named after you!

The Exquisite Corpse Festival uses the surrealist parlor game to inspire collaborations in unlikely media and between unlikely artists.
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