R***o & J****t Auditions – Submit Photo / Resume for NY

Director: Jason Tyne-Zimmerman
By: the-12-playwrights-that-we-have-tricked-into-writing-romeo-and-juliet/
Rehearsal Dates: April 29th-June 20th
Performance Dates: June 21th-30th, 2012

Rehearsal Schedule: We’re having a long rehearsal schedule to accomodate for actor’s work schedule. Rehearsals will be no more than four days a week, and NO PERFORMER is called to every rehearsal. There will be no rehearsals on Wednesdays or Saturdays. There is a mix of day time and night time rehearsals which hopefully accommodate most actors’ survival jobs. The Monday through Wednesday before opening is tech week and MANDATORY
Performances: production runs two weeks – 8 performances in total (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat @ 7:30; Sun @ 2:00)


1.      A little boy                                              As young as possible, able to curse on stage
2.      Big Batman: The Dark Knight             Michael Keaton’s version is my favorite!
3.      Romeo: Also the Dark Knight              Young and sexy…has one scene shirtless.
4.      Capulet: Juliet’s father                          Aging Drag Queen
5.      Paris: Juliet’s fiancee                             Young, Awkward, Nervous
7.      Benvolio: Romeo’s best friend              Real emo, but also comedic
8.      Juliet: A little girl                                   Not actually a little girl…young and sexy
10.     Death: The Death                                 Frat Boy
11.     Life: The Life                                         Dominatrix
12.     Friar Laurence: a striking woman     Dancer, ability to self choreograph is a plus!
13.     Lady Capulet: Juliet’s mother            40+
14.     Montague: Romeo’s Father                40+
15.     Lady Montague: Romeo’s Mother     40+
16.     Lucifer: The Devil                                Think Nicholson from “Witches of Eastwick”
17.     Nurse: Actually an actress                  The only character that reads Shakespear
18.     Balthasar: A lighting technician          circus performer
19.     Page: A cleaning man                           would be cool if he looked a little strange.   

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming location TBD on April 14th.

For consideration, email or mail picture and resume to:

Indicate in the subject line “R***0 & J****t Actor Submission”


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