Introducing the 12 playwrights that we have tricked into writing “Romeo and Juliet”

Act I: Scene 1 by John Patrick Bray
(Ph.D., M.F.A., Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia)
Act I: Scene 2 by Stacy Davidowitz
(a New York based playwright and actor
Act I: Scene 3 by Davis Schneiderman and Kelly Haramis
(Davis: / Kelly: Chicago improv actor and playwright)
Act I: Scene 4 by Penny Jackson
(The ability to “tell a story” in a compelling manner is vital to communication.)
Act I: Scene 5
by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman, Annie Arthur, Shalini Tripathi, David D’Ostilio
(an action exquisite man)
Act II: Scene 1 by Steve Strangio
(Playwright, screenwriter, and has a background in improvisational & stand-up comedy. Wrote for Cracked Magazine for 15 years.)
Act II: Scene 2 by Jeffrey Fiske
(Playwright/Director of long running Off-Broadway show The Screwtape Letters.)
Act III: Scene 1 by Mark Harvey Levine
(playwright living in Los Angeles, has had over 750 productions of his plays)
Act III: Scene 2 by Carol Mark
(a Playwright, Actor, Director that hopes to write the next great American play, but will settle for screenplay or novel.)
Act IV: Scene 1 by Pat O’Connor
(playwright, director whose plays have been produced in NYC and Westchester since 2010)
Act V: Scene 1 by Tom Dunn
(was the Director of New Dramatists and now lives in NH where he teaches, raises children and writes)
Act V: Scene 2 by Paulanne Simmons
(Playwright – Lyricist – Reviewer,
I guess that’s technically sixteen playwrights! Come and meet them all!
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