SATURDAY, MARCH 31 : The Exquisite Corpse Film Festival

From the depths of our collective unconscious comes the Exquisite Corpse Film Festival

Saturday March 31

6:00 PM


The game of collaboration and consequences comes to the realm of video! Sometimes funny, sometimes trashy, sometimes emotional, and even some hip-hop will mash together into eight original short films. Each film is created by three filmmakers who do not know each other and have never met. The filmmakers gather together to watch the films for the first time with the audience!

No one has ever seen these films!!
(Not even the filmmakers’ themselves)

Here is what people have said about The Exquisite Corpse Festival:
Wendy Jean Wu says ‘THAT is absolute dopeage!’
Matt Taggart says ‘Wonderful! Awesome!’
Dug from the Nodd says ‘Mmmmmmm… now THAT’S some GOOD CORPSE!’
Bernard Dumaine says ‘I do like it!’

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Watch Live on the Web!

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