Would you rather see a 15-minute play written by three different playwrights or…

Casting is finished! So we can finally announce the play line-up! Three of the plays are 15-minute plays each written by three playwrights:

Heartspace” by Alexandra Collier, Shalini Tripathi, and Sara Farrington
Roseanne Barr with a Toothache” by JPB, A. Dudley, and M. Grzybowski
My First” by Stacy Davidowitz, Jamie King, and Eric Samuelsen

And then we thought…let’s break from the three-artists-working-on-one-piece of work.  The festival is all about pushing the game to it’s limits, right?  It’s also taking the intellect out of the equation and letting pure, animal instinct take over.  So I let my cats write a play.

I took all of the plays that have been submitted to me since I moved to New York and spread them out across my living room floor.  Then I took the fifteen plays that my cats were attracted to and compiled them into one three-minute play…nay, one three-minute musical, for one of the pages is from an opera!  The play will be accredited to my cats unless one of the playwrights shows up, identifies his or her play, and claims credit for it!

If you’re a playwright, come and check out this show to see if my cats were attracted to your play!

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