What would an exquisite corpse event look like?

For our October event (details should be announced later this week…I hope!) we have in the works many things special for you:

  • Exquisite corpse plays
  • Exquisite corpse songs
  • Exquisite corpse dances
  • Exquisite corpse tattoos
  • Exquisite corpse taxidermy

This just in…An Exquisite Corpse Event!

This is such a weird concept, I’m not even sure that I can describe it.  I mean, you can probably imagine what any of the above are…but what would an exquisite corpse event be?

The folks over at Fluxus are currently working to answer that question.  Twenty-Five different artists will be working together exquisite-corpse style to create a performance score that will be performed every night at the Exquisite Corpse Festival.  Perhaps the entire audience will be involved, perhaps there will be props, perhaps it will be performed via text messaging!  Like all things exquisite corpse, anything is possible and you’ll have to see it for yourself!

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