Event Challenge #9: Make a Video of “Octet for Winds” to Win!

This week’s challenge to win a pass to the festival: create a video based on a score supplied by the event Fluxus artist of the week. Make a video and submit it to exqisitecorpsefestival at gmail dot com (if it’s a small file) or email exquisitecorpsefestival at gmail dot com to request a link to our dropbox (if it’s a large file). Our favorite video each week will win a free ticket to the festival (just one, but you can win every week!)

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Octet for Winds by GEORGE BRECHT (1964)
Equal number of performers seat themselves opposite each other. A large pan of water is placed between the two groups and a toy sailboat is placed on the water. Performers blow their wind instruments at the sail of the boat pushing it to the opposing group. Both groups try to blow the boat away from themselves and toward the other group. If possible, all performers should play some popular tune while blowing on the sail. Piece ends when the boat reaches one end or the other of the pan.

And this week’s small print:

1. Deadline is midnight on March 6th.

2. All submissions become property of the Exquisite Corpse Festival; by submitting you also agree to have the video screened at the Festival.

3. Winner receives a pass to the 2011 Exquisite Corpse Festival. Play again next [and every] week. There’s no limit to how many weeks you can win, so keep submitting and you can win every week!

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