Event Challenge #8: Make a Video of “Saxophone Solo, Fluxversion 1” to Win

This week’s challenge to win a pass to the festival: create a video based on a score supplied by the event Fluxus artist of the week. Make a video and submit it to exqisitecorpsefestival at gmail dot com (if it’s a small file) or email exquisitecorpsefestival at gmail dot com to request a link to our dropbox (if it’s a large file). Our favorite video each week will win a free ticket to the festival (just one, but you can win every week!)Here’s this week’s challenge:

“Saxophone Solo, Fluxversion 1” by George Brecht (1962)

The piece is announced. Performer enters with an instrument case, places it on a stand, opens it and pulls out a trumpet, realizes the mistake, puts it quickly back in the case and exits.

And this week’s small print:

1. Deadline is 5:00 PM on February 17th.

2. All submissions become property of the Exquisite Corpse Festival; by submitting you also agree to have the video screened at the Festival.

3. Winner receives a pass to the 2011 Exquisite Corpse Festival. Play again next [and every] week. There’s no limit to how many weeks you can win, so keep submitting and you can win every week!

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