Exquisite Wishlist

One amazing thing that is happening with this festival is the magic of holisticity, much like Dirk Gently picking a random car and following it to where he needs to go rather than where he wants to go, we know that the universe will connect us with what we need as well.

For example, I met an amazing artist named Misty Benson who asked me for a Munny.  Not having one, I mentioned it to a woman in my improv class who designed a website for Foox who had Munny in hand and was excited to join the project.

I have a friend who knits and wants in on a fibers corpse; I tell her if I find any other artists that work in yarn, I’ll let her know.  Coming back to work after Christmas I see the Financial District Bull fully encased in a crocheted cozy.  “Remarkable,” I say.  The woman in the desk across from mine says, “Oh, I know her.  Do you want her contact information?”

I was researching Reggae music for my wife’s birthday present and thought how great it would be to get a Reggae band involved with the project, but I don’t know any.  The next day at work I meet a music promoter and ask him what other bands he promotes.  He says, “I’ve got this great Ska/Rocksteady band, you know…roots reggae-”  “Stop right there.” I say.

Everything is being made through four degrees of separation, so we’re spreading our net and making a wish-list to you, our faithful readers.  Take a look at the list and if there’s anything you have on it that you’d be willing to lend us or donate to us, let us know!

1.  Sixteen (or less) hearing-protection earmuffs.
2. The ability to invite agents to the festival.
3. Dancer(s): either an existing company or individuals.
4. Someone who sews to do simple tee-shirt surgery.
5. A Production Stage Manager (paid, salary negotiable)
6. Photo-processing (color preferred, b&w okay)
7. A pre-fab set (Are you closing a show before ours?)
8. Documentarian to archive the entire process.

Also, we have access to the following that might be a solution looking for a problem. Might you need/want:

1. A Realistic-Looking Cowboy Pistol (shoots twelve caps)
2. Candy Cigarettes (“Country” brand/chocolate flavored)
3. A Metal Pail that has red white and blue beach theme
4. A Box of men’s clothes (various items and sizes)
5. Cans of “Billy” Beer (I think empty, but I think one unopened.)
6. A Complete Encyclopedia (I think from the late 80’s)
7. Beat-boxer (Who doesn’t love a good beat-boxers?)
8. A Dutch-Speaking Actor (Hey, you never know…right?)

Have something? Need something? Comment below with your wishes and wish-fulfillment!

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