Artist Announcement and Medium Announcement: Both in One Day!

My whole experience meeting David Foox was as surreal as his artwork.  I was given directions by his assistant to come to a mid-level floor in a downtown high-rise.  I came after hours, but the building was still bustling…except his floor.  No one was in sight.   The receptionists’ desk was not just vacant; it was deserted.  No personal affects or office supplies indicated that anyone claimed that spot of the office (or any other part of the office that I could see) as their own.  If the office hadn’t been so well-lit, I would have assumed that I was on a vacant floor…that and a large arrow cut out of cardboard pointing down the hall.

Having no other clue to go by, I followed the arrow down the hall and around the corner which was the end of the well-lit section of the hallway.  The rest of the office was in darkness except for an arrow formed out of Christmas lights. (At this point I couldn’t help but to feel like Michael Douglas in The Game.)  Which led me through an abandoned (but well appointed…and just as dark) waiting room.  Foox’s art hung on the wall, so I must be getting close, but there were no more clues to follow…just four doors, one on each wall, one that I came through, so that left a choice of three.

Knocking on each door yielded no results, so I gently tried each one…abandoned office, abandoned office, cubical graveyard.  At least the graveyard was well-let and the two offices were dead ends, so the grave yard it is!

Through the graveyard was a large room with a single cubical and no doors.  The cubical had its “back” to me, so I couldn’t see who was sitting there…but surely this is the end of the game.  Foox’s receptionist greets me and informs me and tells me that he’s waiting for me.  She motions behind me where he sits behind an open door. (I swear I didn’t see the door earlier!)

The wizard has been found!

The best part of my job is meeting awesome artists, and Foox is on the top of the list of awesome people I’ve met through this project.  We played with toys, we talked art, and we opened a couple of Mega-Munny!

by Kid Robot

This little guy will become an exquisite corpse over the next couple of months as created by David Foox, Misty Benson, and a super-special surprise artist!

(Now I just have to figure out the best tool to cut this little guy in thirds!)

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3 Responses to Artist Announcement and Medium Announcement: Both in One Day!

  1. That is AMAZING! I am so excited, and what a huge score — both the Munny & Foox! It’s cool because we are stylistically very different! I’d pat myself on the back if I were you:) Well, I have never seen a Mega Munny in person, so I thought they came apart just like a smaller version. In the smaller versions, the arms actually pop out of the sockets, and the head pops off from the body. I was kind of expecting that it was the same with the Mega. Have you tried pulling him apart yet? He should come apart, and if not, I guess we’ll have to get creative;) THANK YOU!!! I am so, so, so very honored!! ♥

  2. LongXiaoung says:

    LMAO. awesome account of your day with David Foox.
    I visited his studio space in Denver Colorado and it was equally as bizarre. It was a 4 story space with rooftop decks overlooking the mountain ranges and downtown Denver. The entire space was empty except for oversized desks and very high bar stools. There were paintings in various stages of completion throughout the space and tons of vinyl toys. It was so surreal but obviously for different reasons. I guess Grand Wizards need wizard castles! Go FOOX!!

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