Artist Announcement: ROAM Pictures (and they need our help!)

Very exciting news!  We’re happy to announce that ROAM pictures will be creating a third of our Exquisite Corpse Film.  When they are not playing surrealist games with us, they are in preproduction for a version of Cinderella from the Fairy Godmother’s perspective.
To make that happen (as we all know) they are applying for grants.  In order to start applying for grants, the goal is to raise $2500 through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas!  Get the 100% tax deductible donation before 12/31/10 and claim it on your 2010 tax returns!!
They are currently in the process making our Cinderella Fairy Tale goal a reality!!  Do you have a minute to make a small donation to the project before the clock strikes 12 on December 31st?
Donate now (and let them know that you’re a friend of the corpse):

FAIRY TALES WITH A TWIST is a series of short films which will revitalize the ancient art of story telling by presenting classic fairy tales from a completely fresh point of view.  ROAM Pictures is extremely excited to launch this not-for-profit series in order to reach out to a younger audience. Our goal is to rework, retell and modernize well known and lesser known fairy tales in a way that will resonate with the young and old.

The Cinderella campaign is dedicated to raising funds for the production of our second instillation of “Fairy Tales with a Twist.” “Cinderella” will be a retelling of the classic fairy tale from the Fairy Godmother’s perspective. An obsessive compulsive Fairy Godmother, known for cracking the toughest cases, is assigned to a hopeless girl named Cinderella. What seems like a perfect match at first sight, (because Cinderella is doomed to clean, cook and tidy, which happens to be the Fairy Godmother’s specialty), turns into a nightmare when all the Fairy Godmother’s efforts to help Cinderella fail. Cinderella is just very bad at her job. Needless to say, this drives the OCD Fairy Godmother absolutely crazy. Determined not to leave a case unresolved, the Fairy Godmother stumbles upon Cinderella’s true hidden talent, which can only be fulfilled by becoming a princess (and, you know the rest). Our story will explore how the Fairy Godmother overcomes her own condition and learns tolerance as she guides Cinderella to shine within her strength.

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