Who wants a tattoo? Sacred Tattoo wants to give you an Exquisite Corpse!

This is one of the most far-out applications of the exquisite corpse that we are having this year, and I am so excited that the folks at Sacred Tattoo were excited to play the game with us!

Here’s the deal.  Three of Sacred’s amazing artists are going to give you a free tattoo.  All you have to do is pick what area you want them to use as the canvas and allow them to work.  The only catch is that you won’t be able to pick what they tattoo, but these artists are amazing so you are guaranteed a beautiful (and exquisite) piece of art on your body.

On opening night of the festival, you will meet with the artist to begin the work.  He will create the first third of the tattoo, and cover it with guaze.  On Saturday of that week you will meet with the second tattoo artist, making sure to keep the first third covered so he can’t peak.  Come back on Wednesday to have the final third finished, again keeping the first two thirds under wraps.  Then on closing night you unveil your amazing, exquisite, utterly unique, and FREE tattoo!

Check out the art and spread the word that someone will get the world’s first exquisite corpse tattoo.

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One Response to Who wants a tattoo? Sacred Tattoo wants to give you an Exquisite Corpse!

  1. Question:
    Not that I’m volunteering, but do the artists have guidelines on size or will they shrink/expand based on the body part/area? Do they get to see the border of the one before so that they can connect?

    What will first happen is that the canvas will pick the body part. Since the artists are all working for the fun of the game (also known as pro bono), the size of the body …part will dictate the amount of detail. The owner of the shop assured me that all his artists will still create something beautiful regardless of the size, but it may have to be a simpler tattoo if it’s very large. (For example, the Lincoln tat is pretty detailed to be done at the size shown. Perhaps arm-size or smaller he could do it, but if you choose your entire back it may be a beautiful tattoo with less detail.)

    The tattoo artists themselves also won’t choose what the tattoo is until they see the canvas, so it won’t be that they need to shrink or expand a pre-existing idea. Part of the Exquisite Corpse is to encourage artists to work autonomously, and not knowing the body part will help. For example a shoulder tattoo might be split head/torso/legs as traditionally done, but an arm tattoo is more likely to be horizontal so it will be split front/middle/end. The orientation will help inform what the artists will ink.

    …as will seeing the canvas. Although the canvas can request to have anything specific tattooed onto them, a tall, athletic-looking preppy blond girl walking in will likely inspire a different tattoo than a short, Gothic-looking rocker skinhead.

    So the borders will be loosely defined by the body part or it’s possible for the canvas to dictate it more specifically. (e.g. “I want it on my shoulder, but it can’t go past ‘here’ so that it can be covered with a short sleeve shirt for work.”)

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