The first second third is in!


What did I just say?

I love being involved with art that makes me say things that even I barely understand.

Once month ago I started a ten minute…or rather I wrote the first three-and-a-half minutes of the play, tucked the first three minutes in a secret hidden file and emailed the last 30 seconds to the good people at the Un Saddest Factory.  About the same time two other playwrights write the first three-and-a-half minutes of a ten-minute play and had the last 30 seconds passed along to top secret playwrights.

Three stubs of plays were mailed to three playwrights who will write the middle thirds of the plays; stubs of those three plays will be mailed to three other playwrights to complete each work.

Each of the first thirds are done, and I’m eagerly awaiting the second thirds to come back…and one did this weekend!

The first second third is in!

I’m not sure when I’ll ever have the chance to say that again.

As promised, all the artists will remain secret until their job us done.  As the Un Saddest Factory is the first third to be finished, please meet Cricket Arrison, Lola Pierson, and Anna Fitzgerald!

Serendipity brought us together (or perhaps it was The Spark), a New York City director and a Baltimore theater company both in Delaware at the same time: one sitting in the dark, the other in the spotlight.  For me, The Story of Invention was the highlight of the Fringe so I had to get them involved with my game!

The Un Saddest Factory

Check them out.  Make friends.  Let them stay at your house.  Come see what they did to my play this June!

…and stay tuned for more artist announcements!

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