Event Challenge #1

The sister form of the Exquisite Corpse is the Event, so every week we will be offering an event challenge.  Events are a sort-of haiku of the performance world based on a score supplied by the artist for other artists to create.  Make a video, request a link to submit your video, and be entered to win a free ticket to the festival. (Just one, but there’s no limit to how many times you can win!)

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Danger Music Number One by Dick Higgins (1961)
Film yourself spontaneously catching hold of a hoist hook and being raised up at least three stories.

And this week’s small print.

  1. BE SAFE AND DON’T BREAK ANY LAWS!  We’re not responsible for any danger (physical or legal) you put yourself in to make your submission.
  2. All submissions become property of the Exquisite Corpse Festival and by submitting you also agree to have the video screened at the Festival (whether or not you are this week’s winner).
  3. Winner receives a voucher for one pass to the 2010 Exquisite Corpse Festival.  No, we’re not being cheap, we’re encouraging you to play again every week.  There’s no limit to how many weeks you can win, so keep submitting and you can win up to 28 tickets for you and your friends!
  4. Deadline for this week’s challenge is noon on Saturday, November 27, 2010.
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