Exquisite Explanation

The very notion of an exquisite corpse is oxymoronic: a meticulously planned project with three or more artists working in separated collaboration to create an unexpected amalgam that is at the same time unified as a whole but discrete in its parts.

It’s a game that the Surrealists invented to heighten the extreme individualism that went into each part so that collaboration on a piece of art is not softened by discussion or cooperation.  Each artist, while working on the same piece of art, were uncompromising in the creation of their own piece.  This led to the creation of astonishing images and monstrous results, sometimes hideous and sometimes beautiful, the goal is met when the new body surprises and thwarts expectations.

This June over one hundred artists will join together to show Exquisite Corpses that flow through every media we can think of.

Painting, theater, and music? DEFINITELY!

Munny, film, mixology? MOST LIKELY!

Tattoos, murals, barbershop quartets? WE’RE GONNA TRY!

Do you make any of the above?  Know anyone that does?  Have even more media suggestions that might blow our mind?

Let us know!

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