R***o & J****t Auditions – Submit Photo / Resume for NY

Director: Jason Tyne-Zimmerman
By: the-12-playwrights-that-we-have-tricked-into-writing-romeo-and-juliet/
Rehearsal Dates: April 29th-June 20th
Performance Dates: June 21th-30th, 2012

Rehearsal Schedule: We’re having a long rehearsal schedule to accomodate for actor’s work schedule. Rehearsals will be no more than four days a week, and NO PERFORMER is called to every rehearsal. There will be no rehearsals on Wednesdays or Saturdays. There is a mix of day time and night time rehearsals which hopefully accommodate most actors’ survival jobs. The Monday through Wednesday before opening is tech week and MANDATORY
Performances: production runs two weeks – 8 performances in total (Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat @ 7:30; Sun @ 2:00)


1.      A little boy                                              As young as possible, able to curse on stage
2.      Big Batman: The Dark Knight             Michael Keaton’s version is my favorite!
3.      Romeo: Also the Dark Knight              Young and sexy…has one scene shirtless.
4.      Capulet: Juliet’s father                          Aging Drag Queen
5.      Paris: Juliet’s fiancee                             Young, Awkward, Nervous
7.      Benvolio: Romeo’s best friend              Real emo, but also comedic
8.      Juliet: A little girl                                   Not actually a little girl…young and sexy
10.     Death: The Death                                 Frat Boy
11.     Life: The Life                                         Dominatrix
12.     Friar Laurence: a striking woman     Dancer, ability to self choreograph is a plus!
13.     Lady Capulet: Juliet’s mother            40+
14.     Montague: Romeo’s Father                40+
15.     Lady Montague: Romeo’s Mother     40+
16.     Lucifer: The Devil                                Think Nicholson from “Witches of Eastwick”
17.     Nurse: Actually an actress                  The only character that reads Shakespear
18.     Balthasar: A lighting technician          circus performer
19.     Page: A cleaning man                           would be cool if he looked a little strange.   

NYC auditions will be held on an upcoming location TBD on April 14th.

For consideration, email or mail picture and resume to:

Indicate in the subject line “R***0 & J****t Actor Submission”


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Introducing the 12 playwrights that we have tricked into writing “Romeo and Juliet”

Act I: Scene 1 by John Patrick Bray
(Ph.D., M.F.A., Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia)
Act I: Scene 2 by Stacy Davidowitz
(a New York based playwright and actor www.StacyDavidowitz.com)
Act I: Scene 3 by Davis Schneiderman and Kelly Haramis
(Davis: davisschneiderman.com / Kelly: Chicago improv actor and playwright)
Act I: Scene 4 by Penny Jackson
(The ability to “tell a story” in a compelling manner is vital to communication.)
Act I: Scene 5
by Jason Tyne-Zimmerman, Annie Arthur, Shalini Tripathi, David D’Ostilio
(an action exquisite man)
Act II: Scene 1 by Steve Strangio
(Playwright, screenwriter, and has a background in improvisational & stand-up comedy. Wrote for Cracked Magazine for 15 years.)
Act II: Scene 2 by Jeffrey Fiske
(Playwright/Director of long running Off-Broadway show The Screwtape Letters.)
Act III: Scene 1 by Mark Harvey Levine
(playwright living in Los Angeles, has had over 750 productions of his plays)
Act III: Scene 2 by Carol Mark
(a Playwright, Actor, Director that hopes to write the next great American play, but will settle for screenplay or novel.)
Act IV: Scene 1 by Pat O’Connor
(playwright, director whose plays have been produced in NYC and Westchester since 2010)
Act V: Scene 1 by Tom Dunn
(was the Director of New Dramatists and now lives in NH where he teaches, raises children and writes)
Act V: Scene 2 by Paulanne Simmons
(Playwright – Lyricist – Reviewer, www.paulannesimmons.com)
I guess that’s technically sixteen playwrights! Come and meet them all!
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Secret Summer Play: The Exquisite Corpse tends to confound those seeking to control it.

The Exquisite Corpse is a way for the Collective Unconscious to create a work of art…rather than the Individual Conscious.

With drawing, this is easy…fold a piece of paper in thirds…have one artist draw the head, fold that back so it is hidden…have the next artist draw the body, fold that back so it is hidden…have the next artist draw the legs.  Three artists: one drawing created by their collective unconscious.

We’ve been playing at this game for a couple of years now in drawing, film, dance, tattooing, taxidermy, mixology, crocheting, clocks, and furniture.

But what if we wanted to do an established work of literature, say Romeo and Juliet?  How would we let the collective conscious take over?  Here’s what we did:

  • Split up the plot of Romeo and Juliet into the thirteen major plot points.
  • Pick our thirteen favorite playwrights.
  • Give them each one of the scenes with the characters’ names obscured.
  • Have them each write a 7-minute scene based on the plot point (but without names).
  • Assemble all thirteen pieces into a master script.
  • Change the character’s names back to the original Shakespearean.

Well, at least that was the plan…the Exquisite Corpse has a habit of confounding those seeking to control it.  Most of the original characters made it back in there, but there were certain characters that seemed to want to remain untouched in a Shakespearean world.  So in the end the cast of characters will be:

A Little Boy: age 9 – quite small
Big Batman: The Dark Knight – quite big
Little Batman/Romeo: Also the Dark Knight
Capulet: Juliet’s father – age 55
Paris: Juliet’s fiancee – age 25
Rosaline: Juliets’s Cousin – early to mid 30’s
Benvolio: Romeo’s best friend – early to mid 30s’s
Juliet: A little girl – age 23
Tybalt: Juliet’s Cousin – late 20’s to early 30’s
Death: The Death – dressed like a Frat Guy
Life: The Life – dressed like a Dominatrix
Friar Laurence: a striking woman – wearing the garb of a Minoan Snake Goddess
Lady Capulet: Juliet’s mother – age 55
Montague: Romeo’s Father – age 55
Lady Montague: Romeo’s Mother – age 55
Lucifer: The Devil – wearing a cape
Nurse: Actually an actress – playing the nurse
Balthasar: A lighting technician – works for Friar Laurance
Page: A cleaning man – works for Friar Laurance

Yeah…this is something that you’re going to have to see to believe.

If you’re interested in seeing it or helping us put it on click here or email us!

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News from the Exquisite Corpse Festival from Nepal!

An email I received from a fan of the Exquisite Corpse Festival:


I dropped my Exquisite Corpse piece to frame before coming home to Nepal. I was carrying around this classic descriptive line on the order claim sheet they gave me but only noticed it today when picking it up. Written by the young Nepali woman who took my order: “Painting of body structure of man with huge brain type” this is probably a better title than my “Runners’ High 2/10”.  So I am happy to represent to you, now in it’s current home in Nepal:

“Painting of Body Structure of Man with Huge Brain Type” by Matt Tackett, Alexis Vergalla, and David D’Ostilio.

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SATURDAY, MARCH 31 : The Exquisite Corpse Film Festival

From the depths of our collective unconscious comes the Exquisite Corpse Film Festival

Saturday March 31

6:00 PM


The game of collaboration and consequences comes to the realm of video! Sometimes funny, sometimes trashy, sometimes emotional, and even some hip-hop will mash together into eight original short films. Each film is created by three filmmakers who do not know each other and have never met. The filmmakers gather together to watch the films for the first time with the audience!

No one has ever seen these films!!
(Not even the filmmakers’ themselves)

Here is what people have said about The Exquisite Corpse Festival:
Wendy Jean Wu says ‘THAT is absolute dopeage!’
Matt Taggart says ‘Wonderful! Awesome!’
Dug from the Nodd says ‘Mmmmmmm… now THAT’S some GOOD CORPSE!’
Bernard Dumaine says ‘I do like it!’

Check us out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/excorpse

Watch Live on the Web! http://www.bowerypoetrylive.com/

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The Films Keep Coming In! March is going to be an exciting, exciting month!

While we can’t release any of the films or plots from the festival, we couldn’t help but sharing a couple stills from this delightful, little film that came in.

The last 10 seconds are being passed along to the next filmmaker today, so in a few weeks we can finally find out if he finds what he’s looking for!

Exquisite Corpse Film Festival:
Music! Animation! Suspense! Taxidermy! Comedy!
March 31, 2012
The Bowery Poetry Club at 308 Bowery

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Images of the Corpse that do not feature Chris O’Neil

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Simon Snogles

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